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Virtual Music Lessons

Study with us in a group setting

or one on one.

Are you an adult amateur violinist or cellist at the intermediate level, stuck at home with no orchestral or chamber music performances on the horizon? Join us for weekly sessions to get your groove back!

The Tadioli Duo has come up with an innovative new way to create community and motivate musicians across the country to get playing even while in lockdown. With several packages on offer, this affordable solution to online learning will have your fingers engaged in no time. 

virtual group lessons

With the explosion of online learning options making a quality learning experience both accessible and easy, there's no reason you can't attend a virtual music class in the same way you would attend a school or fitness class. Sybil and Suhashini have each nurtured a private studio of adult students, and have recognized a need for their students (and others like them) who are used to weekly orchestral or chamber music sessions, to have an outlet during this time of social isolation.  Focusing on foundational techniques, the Duo has come up with a weekly 30 minute group class for intermediate level violinists and cellists to stimulate their minds, bodies and keep those fingers moving. We'll be ready when live music-making is possible again!

When : Simultaneous Violin & Cello classes on Tuesdays at 5:30pm (EST) on Zoom.

Four sessions a month (with one week off in March) starting February 2nd until June 23, 2021. 

Violin Repertoire

Cello Repertoire

Suhashini will draw from Sevcik Op. 3, Kayser Op. 20, Mazas Op. 36, Kreutzer's 42 Studies, and exercises by Dounis, as well as 2-octave scales & arpeggios. Sample topics include improving tone production and intonation, how to execute different bow strokes (détaché, martelé, etc.), shifting, and vibrato. A specialist in functional movement for musicians, Suhashini will lead you through some movement-based anatomy to help you avoid strain and make playing more enjoyable. Class will begin with some gentle guided movement, and end with a mindful stretch and question period. If there's a topic, or area of difficulty you'd like to cover, don't be shy! Get in touch with us. All repertoire is in the public domain.

Sybil will draw from Alwin Schroeder's "170 Foundation Studies", Sevcik's "Changing the Positions" Op. 8, and Popper's 15 Preparatory Studies, Op 76, plus weekly scales and technique challenges as well as bowing, vibrato, double-stops and sight-reading.  Sybil will let her class know what's on the menu for the following class only one day before, and the repertoire changes weekly to keep you on your toes! Each class will end with a question period so that participants are able to get their specific questions answered. All repertoire is public domain, so print outs can be emailed if you are not in possession of these specific music method books.

A sample from one of Sybil's group classes.

Each teacher will create a Google Doc for all participants to access for tracking homework, notes, pointers from each session and a place for questions encountered over the course of the week.  Each teacher will record a YouTube video for class participants to practice along with during the course of the week. As our classes grow and develop, we hope to be able to pair students to offer a chamber music experience, possibly live (pandemic permitting) in the summer of 2021.  More info in the months to come.

Pricing : $39 per student, per month

You will receive a monthly invoice, and payment directly to your teacher directly by etransfer is preferred.
For non-Canadian bank account holders, payment can be arranged via credit card at a rate of $35 USD/month.
This is a monthly commitment with no obligations to remain until June. In order to accommodate scheduling a group
class, this is a flat monthly fee and no make up lessons will be offered for missed sessions.

Group Lessons plus+

Video + package

Since technology does not allow us to play together in real time yet, your mic will be muted during most of your group classes. Your teacher and other participants will be able to see but not hear you.  Let your voice be heard! Record a video of yourself playing to send to your teacher.  You may use repertoire from the class, or something unrelated with a recommended length of 3-5 minutes. Receive a video response tailored to your needs and questions, with personalized recommendations and exercises.

4 group classes plus video lesson: $49/monthly. $42USD 

Solo + package

Include a 30 minute private lesson with your teacher in your monthly package so that you can be fully heard and ask all your questions in real time, face to face.  

4 group classes plus one private lesson: $79/monthly. $65USD

1 + 1 package

Sybil and Suhashini are available for one on one lessons if you prefer a private setting for your studies.  Lessons can be 30-90 minutes in duration, with flexible frequency to accommodate an adult's life and work schedule. Pricing varies accordingly. 

While Zoom is reliable, other online services such as Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Messenger can be used too.

Please email us for more info on private lessons.

If you are interested in joining a group sessions but require a different time, please contact us to discuss the options.

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